Armistice Day

UEE holiday remembering Akari-Kray Peace Accord
Armistice Day
Event typeUnited Empire of Earth holiday
LocationUnited Empire of Earth
DateMay 29, Annually (Annually-05-29)

The Armistice Day is a holiday in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) held annually on May 29. Established in 2792, it remembers the signing of the Akari-Kray Peace Accord helmed by Senator Terrence Akari and Emperor Kr.ē of the Xi'an Empire , which both marked the end of the Xi'an-Human Cold War (2530-2792) and the Messer Era (2546-2792).[1]

The holiday is popular on Terra III, home of Senator Terrence Akari.

Armistice Day is also known for marking the ending of Invictus Launch Week, which takes place between Emancipation Day and Armistice Day.


Many Human businesses close during Armistice Day.[1]


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