Akari-Kray Peace Accord

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Akari-Kray Peace Accord is an accord that became the foundation of the Perry Line Pact.


Senator Terrence Akari crossed the Perry Line and in the process defied the Imperator Linton Messer XI; and by doing so further weakened the power base of the Messer regime. Upon arrival on Tohil III Senator Akari met with the Xi'an delegation that was personally led by Emperor Kray of the Xi'an. After several days of negotiations Senator Kray returned to Terra and called for an emergency session of the Senate. In doing so he presented the peace accord and called for an immediate vote; this was done while the Imperator Linton Messer XI was on a recreational break on the planet Goss. The peace accord was approved by a narrow margin and ultimately led to the overthrow of the Messer regime and the installation of an elected Imperator; who agreed to the peace agreement that was ultimately signed and ratified by both governments on July 5, 2973.[1][2]


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