Armitage (planet)

Terrestrial Rocky in the Orion system
Armitage : Orion III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationVanduul space
Orion system
└─ Orbiting Orion (star)
Landing Zones1
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Armitage consists of bleak, windswept plains pockmarked with the after-affects of Vanduul antimatter bombardment weaponry: blast craters and radioactive zones. Ironically, the ferocity of their attacks completely eliminated the new-gnu herds they once hunted on the planet... which, in turn, reduced the frequency of subsequent Vanduul visits to the system. A few abandoned farm modules still stand and the skeletons of several human cities still exist in the form of wreckage overtaken by natural vegetation. Occasional Vanduul settlement sites can also be found, although there is little of interest beyond the curiosity implicit in standing where one of mankind's deadliest enemies once cooked dinner.

The planet is home to a small settlement of humans. Living underground, they are the descendants of colonists who refused to leave when the UEE vacated. A hardy people, they are extremely insular and self-sufficient; they have little regard for the Empire and almost no interest in trading. It is possible to sell basic substance items, but without a great deal of markup. Luxury goods are worthless here and nothing is available for sale.[1]


Ostensibly a corporate project, the UEE-backed "Project FarStar" aimed to build the most distant human colony ever established; a record for the history books rather than any sort of practical settlement. Within five years, Armitage had a bustling, if unnecessary colony named the Dell Township. However, colonists discovered a profitable lode of precious metals (chiefly gold and platinum) in the system's asteroid belt and began to exploit that with some success. Modular farm construction began in earnest with the goal of someday providing food for nearby systems as FarStar expanded coreward.[1]

In the early years of the 28th century, the personality of Orion system changed. Armitage became a waystation for soldiers, mercs and pilots looking for a chance to test their mettle against this elusive enemy.

On 2712-02-16, a Vanduul fleet invaded the system. The attack force was larger than anything the population had ever seen. Capital ship after capital ship appeared in Orion and unleashed its devastating weapons on the locals. This would become known as the Battle of Orion.

Battle lines fluctuated for three days on and around the planet of Armitage as support rushed in to help, but in the end the remaining Naval forces fled the system to Tiber in the hopes of creating some kind of barricade to stop the Vanduul advance and abandoning the people of Armitage to the Vanduul in the process.[2]

The image of UEE fighters escorting a lengthy chain of transport ships away from the system remains ingrained in many memories.[1]

The Vanduul had no interest in pursuit. The Kingship stayed in the system for almost a year as they harvested what they needed from the planets before the Clan disappeared back into Vanduul space.[2]

Landing Zones

Port Conrad

Armitage was the site of the farthest human colony from Earth... and one of the first targets of the Vanduul menace. Vanduul raids forced the UEE to withdraw from the system, leaving only a small contingent of insular survivalists on the shattered world.[3]

The Bay

An abandoned repair shop. Solar cells still have power so travelling pilots can plug in their repair bots. Jing0, an old, beaten up assist-droid, still wanders the ruins and helps pilots as if the place wasn't a bombed-out hellhole.

Offers: Ship Repairs, Refueling, Ship modification (limited)[3]

Lost Horizon

A sill/drinking hole run by Joy, a Miss Havisham-type woman, with her two sons, Barko and Trent, as her muscle. There are devices to seal the place up if a Vanduul ship hits the system. Aside from booze, they trade in criminal info but you only get access to that if you're a regular.

Offers: Bar/Local Meeting Place, Criminal Infoagent[3]



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