28th Century

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27th Century(Previous)
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This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 28th Century in the Star Citizen universe.

2701 – 2800

Date Type Event
2712-02-16 18:38 SET Conflict Vanduul capital ship fleet invades Orion, setting off the Battle of Orion.[1]
2715 to 2788 Sociopolitical The military regime reaches a plateau. While the human populace has been somewhat beaten into submission, there’s a current of subversion in the culture. People are starting to see the cracks in the system. Activist groups launch attacks against the political/propaganda machine. The military is stretched thin, bracing for war with Xi’An, chasing down Vanduul raiders, and trying to maintain security on the human systems. The Imperator’s power is waning.
2716 Major Accident Great Stalford Disaster near Stalford, Bremen, killing hundreds und burning tens of thousands of cultivated acres surrounding the facilities.
2738 Commercial Kastak Arms founded by Hiram Larcher.[2]
2745 Commercial Stor-All founded.
2757-12-03 People 12-year-old Anthony Tanaka is killed after refusing to pick up a co-worker's shift.[3]
2758 Conflict The Vanduul attack Boro.[4]
2772 Commercial Anvil Aerospace founded by J.Harris Arnold.
2781-08-12 Political Imperator Ulysses Messer attacked by daughter Fiona; Ulysses commits suicide.[5]

Linton Messer becomes Imperator.

2784 Exploration First jump point to the Garron system discovered.
2789-05-29 Political The 259-year Xi'An Cold War ends. In a daring act of defiance, peace is independently brokered with the young Xi’An Emperor Kray by Senator Terrence Akari of Terra, who refuses to fight open war on his doorstep. Terra blasts Earth for being imperialistic and short-sighted. Xi’An looks at the situation as a potential way to create a divide in the Human Empire.
2792 Conflict The Massacre of Garron II occurs, an event which is considered the final straw that caused humans to rise up and overthrow their government.
2792-05-03 Political Linton Messer (Messer XI) dies, ending the 246-year Messer Era.

Erin Toi becomes Imperator.

2793-07-05 Political The Perry Line Pact is ratified.[6]
2794 Commercial The Ark founded by Marshall Leon.
2795 Political Fair Chance Act adopted by the UEE.[7]
2795 Political Charon III becomes the first planet in UEE history to renounce its recognition from the UEE Senate.[8] Charon III declares independence.
2800 Political Marshall Leon becomes Imperator.
2800 Galactic UEE builds the Ark, a repository of information and culture located in space for all the races in the universe. It is seen by some as an attempt at reparation.[9]