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Bengal in action

The Capital Ships of a Navy are its most important warships; and are traditionally much larger than other naval vessels. A capital ship is generally a leading or a primary ship in a naval fleet.

UEEN Capital ships designations[1] (with examples, listed from largest to smallest capital ship):

Arguably not Capital ships, but here are the UEEN designations anyway:

Many of these ship classes are not traditionally consider Capital class, however in the Star Citizen 'verse, the term appears to have evolved to include any combat ship bigger than a Corvette, becoming roughly equivalent to the modern day term "warship".

What was once considered Capital might now be classed as "Super-Capital": Fleet Carriers, Battleships, maybe Cruisers & Battlecruisers and definitely the Retribution Super-Dreadnought.

Persistent Capitals: Anything larger than the Javelin Destroyer, cannot be safe docked and remains in the game at all times. Can be taken away by player characters if not crewed or crew is killed.[citation needed]

Non-Persistent Capitals: Javelin Destroyer or smaller will be able to be "safe docked" so that they can "disappear" when owner logs out.[citation needed]

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