Arthur Mendies

Character in Star Citizen
Arthur Mendies
Race Human
Gender Male
Born Before 2840 CE; 114 years ago (2840)
Role Co-founder of Otoni Syndicate
Faction Otoni Syndicate
Current Employment
Occupation Rumored to have retired

Arthur Mendies is one of the three co-founders of the Otoni Syndicate. He is the only one of the three founders supposedly still alive, but is rumored to have retired.[1]

Early life

Arthur Mendies was most likely born on Angeli, because it is there that his traces originate from. There, he and his mother landed in the planet's social welfare system following her arrest and conviction for money laundering and digital theft charges, where large amounts of credits were being funneled out of unsuspecting victims' bank accounts. This is also the origin of Mendies' skills, as he was then mentored by his mother to become technologically proficient in discreetly accessing a wide range of systems. He also developed an aptitude for forgery and counterfeiting, which proved valuable in smuggling contraband into the social facilities they lived in.

It is also in this social housing facility that Mendies met Lauda Viscaso and Tio Quast. They would come together to provide each other protection against the various gangs that operated within the facility. Their complimentary skills were the basis of the Otoni Group, they founded in the 2840s.[1]

Role in Otoni

Mendies honed his skills over the years to aid the Otoni Group in digging up dirt on enemies, smuggling vast amounts of goods between systems, and laundering their growing wealth through legitimate operations.[1]


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