Tio Quast

Character in Star Citizen
Tio Quast
Race Human
Gender Male
Born Before 2840 CE; 113 years ago (2840)
Died Before 2949 CE; 4 years ago (2949)
Role Co-founder of Otoni Syndicate
Faction Otoni Syndicate

Tio Quast is one of the three co-founders of the Otoni Syndicate. Quast died from complications during routine surgery sometime in the 30th century.[1]

Early life

Quast came from a relatively stable childhood compared to the other Otoni founders. Middle-class family, Sataball skills and a scholarship at an Angeli private school were things in his life before he turned around. This happened when his parents and siblings all died in a catastrophic shield malfunction incident re-entering Angeli atmosphere. This made him orphaned and was put in a social home, where he relied on physical prowess to survive and discovered he was a born brawler. This was where he met Arthur Mendies and Lauda Viscaso. They would come together to provide each other protection against the various gangs that operated within the facility. Together, they were released from this housing facility at age 16. Their complimentary skills were the basis of the Otoni Group, they founded in the 2840s.[1]

Role in Otoni

His physical skills made Quast become Otoni Group’s chief enforcer and most feared member of the founding triumvirate.[1]


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