Lauda Viscaso

Character in Star Citizen
Lauda Viscado
Race Human
Gender Female
Born Before 2840 CE; 114 years ago (2840)
Died Before 2949 CE; 5 years ago (2949)
Role Co-founder of Otoni Syndicate
Faction Otoni Syndicate

Lauda Viscado is one of the three co-founders of the Otoni Syndicate. She died from natural causes at some point in the 30th century.[1]

Early life

Viscado's parents are unknown, as she was abandoned as an infant, left adrift in a Freelancer outside of Angeli. Local officials failed to identify any family or kin, so she entered the social services system, adopted by an extremely religious family. After an initial attempt to run away from this life at 11 years old, repeated attempts to escape caused her to land in social housing. This was where she met Arthur Mendies and Tio Quast. Her charisma, intelligence and fearless nature complimented the other two's skills. They would come together to provide each other protection against the various gangs that operated within the facility. Together, they were released from this housing facility at age 16. Their complimentary skills were the basis of the Otoni Group, they founded in the 2840s.[1]

Role in Otoni

Viscado's quick tongue, sharp mind, and high emotional intelligence made her a born criminal fixer who knew exactly what to say, or not, at the right time. Her ability to build working relationships with various outlaws and organizations was essential to the Otoni Group’s survival and eventual expansion.[1]


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