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Britton Watkins is the Xenolinguistic Consultant working on the creation of the fictional languages for Star Citizen.[1][2][3][4] He is a well-known conlang artist and polyglot.[citation needed]


Originally from a small village in South Carolina, Britton Watkins started with natural languages by Latin, then Spanish. He spent two years in Spain thus becoming fluent, in college he learned a bit of French, and focused on Japanese at the east west center at the university of Hawaii. After university, he spent 5 and a half years in Japan in the 90s. After returning to Japan a second time he learned Thai from a Japanese teacher. He dabbled in the orthography of Tibetan, Sanscrit, Cherokee, Mandarin.[5]

He has been a fan of science fiction since he was a child, so when he came across the Klingon dictionary in Hawaii he bought it and became very interested in fictional languages, learned how the grammar worked, but he didn't learn Klingon then. He became very intensely interested in conlangs and the emergence of the conlang community online because of the Na'vi and Avatar. He started learning Na'vi 4 or 5 days before Avatar came out in 2009, already getting involved on before even seeing the movie.

He came up with a complete orthography that would represent the phonology of Golic Vulcan based on purely artistic examples of Vulcan writing, He was hired as a dialect coach for Star Trek Into Darkness to teach the actors the correct pronunciation of their lines.

He made his own documentary on conlangs,[6] and created several languages including Aklo from the Lovecraftian mythos for Whispers of the Shadow.[7] his own language for his own sci fi film called Senn.[8]

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