Blood for Blood

Mercenary mission from Unknown
A Chance to Impress
Priority Personal
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 60000
Start Location Hurston AO
Mission Giver Unknown
Requirements CrimeStat 5

The mission Blood for Blood sees the player being tasked with eliminating eight UEEN ships in the Hurston vicinity within 60 minutes. The player must have a CrimeStat of 5 to receive the contract.


Spoiler content

"I got a bit of a sob story for you. Years ago to the day, Navy squad came and dusted some of my best. Spaced 'em in the middle of a job with nary a warnin'. Hardly seems right.

Now I'm thinkin' it's about time to settle the score,. Heard there was a level 5 in system and it's too good of a chance to pass up. See, as long as your crimestat's that high, the brave little starmen are gonna be huntin' you down anytime security gets wind of ya. Here's what I say, let 'em.

Every one of them blues that comes to hunt you, you take them out first. Get 8 of them and I figure that'll be justice for my crew and a fine payout for you.

One little bit extra - once you land the first shot, I need you to do it all in a set amount of time: 60 minutes. The same as it took them to wipe us out. Call me sentimental."

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