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CBH-3 Helmet

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CBH-3 Helmet.png
CBH-3 Helmet
Manufacturer Clark Defense Systems (CDS)
Class Light Armor
Type Helmet
UEC Cost 1290
Armor 20% Reduction

Constructed using a lightweight alloy that can withstand a fair share of damage, the CBH-3 is a field-tested combat helmet featuring a large single-piece molded faceplate to allow for an expansive field of view for increased situational awareness.

CBH-3 Helmet is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

Shop Price Color
Garrity Defense, Port Olisar 1290 Olive
Tanmany and Sons, Lorville 1290 Olive

Armor Set Helmet Core Arms Legs Undersuit
PAB-1Set.pngPAB-1 x100pxPAB-1 x100pxPAB-1 x100pxPAB-1 x100pxPAB-1 x100pxPAB-1 CBH-3 Helmet PAB-1 Core PAB-1 Arms PAB-1 Legs TCS-4 Undersuit