CSP-68L Backpack

Backpack manufactured by Clark Defense Systems
CSP-68L Backpack.png
CSP-68L Backpack
ManufacturerClark Defense Systems (CDS)
ClassificationLight backpack
Base price1,450 aUEC
Inventory40,000 µSCU

The CSP-68L Backpack is a light backpack manufactured by Clark Defense Systems.[1]

In-game description

Be ready for any situation with the CSP-68L Backpack. Originally designed for the rigors of combat support, this light backpack has become popular thanks to its durability and a patented core connector that helps the CSP-68L sit comfortably and balanced on the back.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Field Recon Suit TCS-4 Undersuit Field Recon Suit Helmet Field Recon Suit Core CSP-68L Backpack Field Recon Suit Arms Field Recon Suit Legs
PAB-1 CBH-3 Helmet PAB-1 Core PAB-1 Arms PAB-1 Legs


Image Name Colour Description Notes aUEC $
CSP-68L Backpack.png
(Default) Pale green colouring Available in-game only 1,450 [not available]


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