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CDF F8C Certification Pass (Gold)

Consumer Goods commodity
CDF F8C Certification Pass Gold - Front.jpg
CDF F8C Certification Pass (Gold)
TypeConsumer good
Production stateImplemented

The Gold CDF F8C Certification Pass is a lootable item found randomly in the 'verse that can be turned in at a ship rental kiosk in exchange for a free 24-hour Anvil F8C Lightning rental. Additionally, after redeeming, players can purchase the ship on RSI's Pledge Store.

In-game description

"The Civilian Defense Force is working in conjunction with Anvil Aerospace to test the next generation of volunteers. This certification ticket can be redeemed at any rental kiosk to unlock an F8C rental for twenty-four Standard Earth Hours and make the ship available for purchase via the web pledge store."

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