F8C Lightning

Small ship manufactured by Anvil Aerospace
F8-C - Front.png
Production state
F8C Lightning
ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)
RoleHeavy fighter
Hangar sizeSmall (S2)
SeriesF8 Lightning
Not available
Not avaliable
Concierge reward (Wing Commander)
Not available
Not avaliable
Introduction2933 CE; 20 years ago (2933)

The Anvil F8C Lightning is the civilian variant of the F8A Lightning space superiority fighter that is used by the United Empire of Earth Navy. It closely mimics the military specs of the original F8A, and has been used in lines of defense against Vanduul invaders. It was made available in extremely limited numbers to the civilian market by Anvil to celebrate the debut of the F8A in the UEE Navy.[1]



  • F8A Lightning: The F8A Lightning is the military variant of the F8C Lightning.

Special editions

  • F8C Lightning Executive Edition: The F8C Lightning Executive Edition is an exclusive edition F8C Lightning with a black and gold livery and a premium cockpit detailed with gold. It is only available to concierge members who hold the rank of Praetorian (US$15,000 pledged). Previously, it was only available to Legatus (US$25,000 pledged) concierge members until the introduction of the Praetorian rank and the 600i Executive Edition.[2]


The F8C Lightning was available as the Wing Commander concierge reward which is introduced in January 2018.[3]

The F8 Lightning was designed by Chris Smith (Lead Vehicle Artist)[4] and Gavin Rothery (Freelance Conceptist).[5]



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