F8C Lightning

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Forlink.svg  For the original military variant, see F8A Lightning.
F8C concierge.jpg
F8C Lightning
ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)
Production stateUnknown

The Anvil F8C Lightning is the civilian variant of the F8A Lightning heavy fighter that is used by the UEE Navy.



  • F8A Lightning: The F8A Lightning is the military variant of the F8C Lightning.

Special editions

  • F8C Lightning Executive Edition: The F8C Lightning Executive Edition is an exclusive edition F8C Lightning with a black and gold livery. It is only available to concierge members who hold the rank of Legatus ($USD 25k Pledged).[citation needed ]


The F8C Lightning was available as the Wing Commander concierge reward which is introduced in January 2018.[citation needed ]

The F8 Lightning was designed by Chris Smith (Lead Vehicle Artist)[1] and Gavin Rothery (Freelance Concept Artist).[2]