Cambio SRT

Gadget manufactured by Greycat Industrial
Cambio SRT
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
TypeUtility item
Production stateIn development
Effective range5 m
Fire modeBeam

The Cambio SRT (Salvage and Repair Tool) by Greycat Industrial is a dedicated handheld tool to salvage and make quick repair on vehicles. It can collect and convert alloys and polymers found in scrap into recycled material composite that can either be sold or used to make quick repairs.

The Cambio SRT offers rapid stripping speeds and an impressive battery life, making it an essential gadget for mechanics and spacefarers.


The Cambio SRT is currently in development for an unspecified release date. The name and description of Cambio SRT was first found in game files in Alpha 3.18.0.[1]

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