Pyro RYT Multi-Tool

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Pyro RYT Multi-Tool
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
UEC Cost335 aUEC
Range0.5 m

The Greycat Pyro RYT Multi-Tool (or simply Personal Multi-Tool) is a personal item that is equipped with the capabilities of a small-scale version of a workshop’s Repair Arm. It is capable of stripping and patching, allowing it to achieve a wide variety of ship repairs short of full part reconstruction. The multipurpose lasers can trim away damaged material, or sinter construction material injected onto a component’s frame, rebuilding its structure.

Although the Multi Tool’s repair abilities are the same as that of the Repair Arm, the size of the laser and low quantity of repair material it can store means that it is only suitable for quick fixes and patch jobs to get a ship back to a proper repair facility.[1]

In Alpha 3.5, a Multi Tool can be purchased in Lorville on Hurston at Tammany and Sons.