Cargo Retrieval

Search mission from Covalex Independent Contractors]] / [[Red Wind|Red Wind Linehaul]] / [[Banshee Courier Services]] / [[Rapid Transport Solutions]] / [[Timely Delivery Service]] / [[Pontrelli Express Shipping
Cargo Retrieval
Priority General
Type Search
UEC Pay 9000
Start Location Hurston AO / ArcCorp AO / Crusader AO / microTech AO
Faction Unified Distribution Management / Covalex Independent Contractors / Red Wind Linehaul / Banshee Courier Services / Rapid Transport Solutions / Timely Delivery Service / Pontrelli Express Shipping

The lawful mission Cargo Retrieval tasks the player with retrieving a small cargo crate from a shipwreck in space and returning it to a landing zone. There is a chance of enemy encounters.


  • Cargo Retrieval
  • Cargo Assist
  • Need a Hand
  • Lost in Space
  • Lost Cargo
  • Cargo Collection
  • Cargo Recovery
  • Cargo Salvage
  • Shipment Lost
  • Retrieval Needed

Possible Targets

The target is a derelict ship in space, with no physics grid.



Spoiler content

"(Contractor) lost a ship in transit and needs to retrieve a specific shipment of (Item) from the wreckage. If accepted, you will need to safely extract the (Item) from (Location) and deliver it to (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)"


Spoiler content

"Can anybody out there help me? A ship I hired to transport a very important delivery was attacked on its way to (Destination). I need someone to go and retrieve the shipment of (Item). (Timed)The job will be bonded through (Contractor), so you don't have worry about being stiffed. Just bring it to (Destination) and you'll get paid. Simple. (Danger)"


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"A (Ship Model) transport was attacked and destroyed while en route to (Destination). Local authorities have been notified, but the client still requires delivery of their package of (Item), so we need someone to extract the shipment from (Location) and complete the intended delivery to (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)"


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"(Contractor) is looking to hire a freelance pilot for a retrieval job. A (Ship Model) was lost in transit, so you will be tasked with navigating to (Location) and extracting a crate of (Item) from the wreckage. You will then need to deliver the shipment to (Destination). Payment will be issued upon delivery.




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"Due to unfortunate circumstances, a cargo ship was lost while in transit through the system. However, (Contractor) requires a specific box of (Item) to be retrieved from (Location) and delivered to (Destination). (Timed)Once the shipment has been safely delivered, your payment will be immediately transferred. (Danger)"


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"(Contractor) requires independent pilot for a retrieval job at a (Ship Model) wreck site. You will be tasked with finding and extracting a shipment of (Item) from (Location) and delivering it to its intended destination at (Destination). (Timed)(Danger)Payment will be immediately transferred upon successful completion. This job has been bonded through (Contractor)."


Spoiler content
  • "the remains"

  • "the last point of contact"

  • "the (Ship Model)'s last known position"

  • "the (Ship Model)'s debris"

  • "the wreckage"


Spoiler content
  • "Time is unfortunately of the essence here."

  • "Due to outside elements, this retrieval must be handled quickly. "

  • "This delivery is already overdue, so you will have to move fast."

  • "The client has designated this as a rush job."

  • "This is a priority task, so it will need to be resolved quickly."

  • "This shipment needs to be retrieved quickly, so you'll need to collect it ASAP."

  • "This job's got a narrow window of opportunity. See that you don't miss it."


Spoiler content
  • "When approaching the site, stay alert. Outlaws have been known to operate in that area."

  • "If you run into any trouble, I'm trusting you can handle yourself."

  • "You should know that security's warned of increased outlaw activity in the area. Take the appropriate precautions."

  • "Stay sharp though. That area's a known outlaw hunting ground."

  • "Other pilots have said that that area has gotten dangerous, so be careful."

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