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Cassel : Goss II
Astronomical Object Summary
System Goss
Type Planet
Classification Terrestrial Rocky
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Location Goss II (Ark Starmap)
Landing Zones 1

Cassel (Cas-séll, never “Castle”; a common mispronunciation that also irritates the natives) is the resort world of the Goss System, the ultimate destination of hundreds of millions of Human tourists every year. As opposed to Goss I, Cassel is a beautiful ocean world. 85% of the world consists of vibrant, life-filled oceans and most of the rest is home to tropical rainforests.

Cities on Cassel have formed around the original landing arcologies established by Gossian colonists hundreds of years prior. Massive resort towns have also sprung up along the thousands of miles of beautiful coastlines. These are the ultimate destination of tourists. Whether you are here to view the Olympus Pool reflected on the pristine oceans or to frequent the planet’s infamous nightclubs, there is something for everyone on Cassel.

Cassel is home to one of the most complex aquatic ecospheres in the explored galaxy. With hundreds of thousands of complex species identified and many more lurking in the depths, Cassel’s seas are a sight to behold.

It is most famously home to the Midas fish, a naturally golden animal which has become symbolic of its home world and prized in fish tanks throughout the galaxy. Other native creatures include the eerie lang crab and the mammalian z-whale. Licenses to ship live animals are few and far between; there is a teeming black market for anyone willing to ship expensive fish off-world.[1]