Goss I

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Goss I
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationGoss I (Ark Starmap)

Goss I, the innermost planet in the Goss system, is an abundant world, considered the system’s breadbasket. From mineral-rich mountain ranges to endless fields for farming, Goss I produces 98% of the resources required to sustain both the system’s natives and the tourists who frequent the system. There is no room for out-system trade, though: almost everything produced on Goss I is shipped to the other two worlds in the system (extremely short-haul pilots are sometimes in demand for these runs, although it is dull work that produces a very small paycheck!) All of the property on Goss I is owned by natives and the world’s laws are incredibly strict about blocking outsiders (and corporations, specifically) from ever gaining a foothold.

Unlike most other successful biospheres, Goss I has almost no ocean. The single largest body of water, roughly the size of Earth’s Mediterranean Sea, is filled with stagnant water that is almost entirely void of life (a species of moss-covered quasi-shrimp is the lone exception). Attempts to introduce some of the varied life forms from Cassel or elsewhere in the Empire have resulted in abject failure; for reasons yet to be determined, aquatic life can not adapt here.[1]