Olympus Pool

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Olympus Pool

"The Human language’s greatest shortcoming is being unable to capture the beauty of the Olympus Pool."

Horace Fushon, Artist[1]

The dark side of the Goss System is that the system’s nebula also acts as an effective curtain for nearby pirate operations. Pirate organizations have been known to base themselves in the outer gasses of the Olympus Pool and raid shipping or conduct illegal trade. It is believed that at least one standing pirate facility exists within the Pool, as well as standard rendezvous coordinates for several narcotics runs. Tourists should avoid this region of space entirely. Its denizens are especially brazen, given the frequency of UEE shore leave visits to Goss, although some theorize that the UEE actually encourages piracy in the region as it gives newly trained pilots a ready source of target practice.[2]

The Olympus Pool does not appear on the Ark Starmap.