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With all the class and sophistication you already associate with Origin Jumpworks, elegantly presented in an attractive, compact frame, the 100 series has been designed specifically for solo pilots looking to turn heads without sacrificing functionality or reliability.[1]


Series Variants


100i Microtech.jpg
The Origin 100i is a luxury starter ship that is the base variant of the 100 series. It features Origin Jumpworks' patented AIR Fuel System, making it the most efficient and eco-friendly ship on the market. It is capable of long-distance flights compared to most ships of its size.
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
100i in space - Isometric.jpg
100i in space - Above.jpg
100i in space - Port.jpg
100i in space - Front.jpg
100i in space - Rear.jpg
100i in space - Below.jpg


125a - Shooting - Fly though debris.png
The Origin 125a is a light fighter and starter ship that is the combat variant of the 100 series. With the AIR Fuel System, a souped-up weapons package, and all the luxury and refinement you've come to expect from Origin Jumpworks, the 125a has been designed for the discerning maverick.
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
125a in space - Isometric.jpg
125a in space - Above.jpg
125a in space - Port.jpg
125a in space - Front.jpg
125a in space - Rear.jpg
125a in space - Below.jpg


The Origin 135c is a light freight and starter ship that is the cargo variant of the 100 series. The ship has a specific cargo module integrated in the underside rear of the ship to accommodate the additional capacity.
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
135c in space - Isometric.jpg
135c in space - Above.jpg
135c in space - Port.jpg
135c in space - Front.jpg
135c in space - Rear.jpg
135c in space - Below.jpg

Pledge price history

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The 100i concept is designed by senior designer Faisel Canti and his team in Origin Jumpworks.[citation needed]


The inital concept of 100i is designed by Andrian Luchian (Freelance Concept Artist) in collaboration with Paul Jones (Art Director) and Corentin Billemont (Techinical Designer) in March 2018. The 100i and the rest of the 100 series were introduced in Around the Verse in 2018-04-12.[2] The 100 series concept sale is the first concept sale that sells ships without LTI, it came with 6-month insurance instead.[citation needed]


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