Paul Jones

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Paul Jones

Paul Jones was Art Director at Foundry 42 UK in Manchester. He was member of the team for 9 years and left CIG in Oct 2022.[1][2]

Other Works

He has worked on Starlancer with Chris Roberts and Erin Roberts before as a Senior Artist.[1]

He worked for studios like Framestore CFC, Epic Games, Rocksteady and TTFusion.[3]



  • He has been successfully avoiding to be on camera till 2016-09-02.[4]
  • He is not a fan of yellow.[5][6]
  • He published a book entitled Game Artist: The Ultimate Career Guide.[7]
  • His favorite drink is Leffe beer.[3]
  • If he could serve under any captain it would be Either Jean-Luc Picard or James Holden.[8]
  • His favorite spaceships are the R-9 "Arrowhead" from the R-Type arcade game he would play as a kid, and the "Millenium Falcon" as well as the "Slave 1" from Star Wars.[8]


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