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Power plant Manufacturer Size Grade Class UEC Price
Bolide AEGS M B Military 43200
Breton JUST S A Industrial 52600
Celestial SASU L B Civilian 100500
Centurion (power plant) AEGS L C Military 120150
Charger AEGS S D Military 15,324-15,716
Cirrus TYDT M Stealth
DayBreak SASU M C Civilian 47,718-48,769
Defiant JUST V B Industrial 7400
DeltaMax TYDT S B Stealth 10,713
Diligence JUST M
Drassik AEGS L D Military 113600
Dura Jet LPLT V D Civilian 4000
Durango JUST L A Industrial 430350
DynaFlux AMRS S B Military 17150
Eclipse (power plant) TYDT M A Stealth 74550
Endurance JUST S B Industrial 32,150
ExoGen AMRS M D Military 37250
Fierell Cascade AEGS S B Military 26,103-27,755
Fortitude JUST S C Industrial 12,962-15,690
Fulgur AEGS L B Military 130850
Full Force LPLT M C Civilian 29750
FullForce Pro LPLT L C Civilian 55,999-57,430
GammaMax TYDT M B Stealth 59050
Genoa JUST M A Industrial 150600
Ginzel JUST L C Industrial 130,475-157,937
Hell’s Heart VNCL S Military
HyperGen AMRS S D Military 11,488-11,937
IonBurst LPLT S B Civilian 8,500
IonSurge Pro LPLT L B Civilian 98650
IonSurge LPLT M B Civilian 34850
IonWave LPLT V B Civilian 4000
JS-300 AMRS S A Military 19700
JS-400 AMRS M A Military 53150
JS-500 AMRS L A Military 139750
Jennet JUST V D Industrial 7400
LightBlossom SASU S C Civilian 9,452
Lotus SASU M A Civilian 44650
LumaCore ACOM S A Competition 6100
LuxCore ACOM M A Competition 23050
Maelstrom AEGS M C Military 89,266-92,939
MagnaBloom SASU S B Civilian 16400
MegaFlux AMRS L B Military 124150
NewDawn SASU L C Civilian 80100
OverDrive AMRS S C Military 10,583-11,198
PowerBolt LPLT S C Civilian 8,160-9,621
QuadraCell MT AEGS M A Military 56850
QuadraCell MX AEGS L A Military 148250
QuadraCell AEGS S A Military 20300
Radiance SASU M B Civilian 42250
Radix LPLT V C Civilian 2,422-2,932
Regulus AEGS S C Military 12,317-13,226
Reliance JUST L B Industrial
Roughneck JUST S D Industrial 9,647-11,678
Sedulity JUST M B Industrial 102650
Slipstream TYDT S A Stealth 18600
SmartGen AMRS L D Military 109600
SonicLite TYDT S C Stealth 13,098-13,992
Spark Jet Pro LPLT L C Civilian 98650
SparkJet Pro LPLT L D Civilian 66,800
SparkJet LPLT M D Civilian 29750
StarBurn ACOM M B Competition 17900
StarHeart ACOM S B Competition 30,741-33,786
Steadfast JUST V C Industrial 5,652-6,842
Stellate SASU C A Civilian
SunFlare ACOM S C Competition 12,318-13,538
SuperDrive AMRS L C Military 214,867-229,115
TigerLilly SASU L A Civilian 165450
Trommel JUST M D Industrial 19,932-24,127
TurboDrive AMRS M C Military 39500
Ultra Flux AMRS M B Military 46150
Vortex AEGS M D Military 37600
WhiteRose SASU S A Civilian 16850
ZapJet LPLT S D Civilian 5,482-6,464
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