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Series Variants


Sabre in space - Isometric.jpg
The Aegis Sabre was designed as a space superiority fighter for those situations where you need to leave a lighter footprint. It is a part of Aegis' Phase Two of new ship models. Designed to be a rapid responder, the Sabre is more than capable of establishing battlefield dominance for any number of combat scenarios.[1]

Sabre Raven

Sabre Raven in space - Isometric.jpg
The Aegis Sabre Raven is the high tech variant of the Sabre designed for intelligence missions. Unlike usual variants, it features a redesigned hull that cuts down the wide wingspan of the original Sabre to a smaller profile.[2][3]

Special Edition

Sabre "Comet"

Sabre Comet flying over blurred landscape.jpg
Part of the Masters of Flight series, with a custom livery, it pays tribute to famed pilot Captain Kamur Dalion for his work with Aegis to usher in a new era of combat ship design.[4]
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Sabre Comet in space - Isometric.jpg
Sabre Comet in space - Above.jpg
Sabre Comet in space - Port.jpg
Sabre Comet in space - Front.jpg
Sabre Comet in space - Rear.jpg
Sabre Comet in space - Below.jpg


Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
"Polar" This white and grey camo paint scheme is specifically designed for the 2950 IAE event on microTech. n/a 9.00
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Sabre Polar in space - Isometric.jpg
Sabre Polar in space - Above.jpg
Sabre Polar in space - Port.jpg
Sabre Polar in space - Front.jpg
Sabre Polar in space - Rear.jpg
Sabre Polar in space - Below.jpg
Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
"Stormbringer" Created to celebrate the 2950 IAE on microTech. It blends dark grey and electric blue with white accents. n/a 6.00
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Sabre Stormbringer in space - Isometric.jpg
Sabre Stormbringer in space - Above.jpg
Sabre Stormbringer in space - Port.jpg
Sabre Stormbringer in space - Front.jpg
Sabre Stormbringer in space - Rear.jpg
Sabre Stormbringer in space - Below.jpg


  • Next-Generation Fighter: In 2945-09-09, Aegis Dynamics has designed the Sabre in response to a United Empire of Earth Navy's request for proposal for a next-generation fighter capable of outmatching the Vanduul Stinger-class heavy fighter in speed and turning. While the UEE Navy has not yet accepted the Sabre bid, Aegis has opted to make a run of production prototypes available to licensed civilian operators.[5]

See Also

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