Kamur Dalion

Character in Star Citizen
Kamur Dalion
Race Human
Died 2544 (after)
Role Historical Figure, Pilot, Battle of Idris IV
Faction UEE
Military Service
Rank Captain
Branch UEE Navy
Years of Service 2544 (before) - ?
Constituency UEE

One of the many heroes to emerge from the infamous Battle of Idris IV, famed dogfighter Captain Kamur Dalion was recruited by Aegis Dynamics to be a military advisor upon his retirement from the Navy. Company historians have shown that his original recruitment owed more to his personal relationship to Ivar Messer, but within a few years of working for the ship manufacturer, Dalion had ingratiated himself with the design team. He would repeatedly insist that if Aegis was going to be paying him, he was damn well going to work.

His decades of combat experience provided the company with keen insight about how real starmen would use the crafts in the field. Dalion was even known to do off-the- records test piloting of ships himself, but the lasting monument to his time with the company has to be the Aegis Comet light fighter.

Built from the ground up with Dalion's supervision, the Comet was an entirely new kind of fighter and the proving ground for much of the tech and design that would distinguish Aegis in the centuries to come. Nimble and deadly, the Comet was an instant hit with pilots and remains a much loved ship of the era, earning almost a revered status in large part to its extremely short production run. Considered expensive even for a military ship and requiring highly specialized parts and repair, the Comet was quickly retired in favor of later generation ships, but its legacy remains apparent even in Aegis Dynamics' most recent fighter, the Sabre. To honor his numerous contributions to the field, a special Kamur Dalion edition Sabre has been commissioned featuring a custom hull that matches the original look of the Comet and a select armament that the decorated combat pilot would have surely approved of.[1]


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