Colonial Style

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The Colonial Style is a building style that was developed early during Humanity expansion into the stars, during the XXII Century. It's reminiscent of Earth's Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg High-tech_architecture of the XX Century.

History of Colonial Style

Crossing into the XXII century, even though Earth was beyond capacity with its population, there was a sense of purpose to push into the stars. The public's renewed fascination with the stars began to manifest in forward thinking (i.e. futuristic) designs. These buildings typically had a lot of glass/plexi, unique shapes, and visible supports, anything that could showcase human ingenuity and evoke a "the future is Now" feeling.

The push also helped lead to a series of breakthroughs, each served to ignite and invigorate Humanity more: development of terraforming technology in 2111, subsequent test, tragedy, and successful terraforming of Mars, and the first commercially available starship.

Because of the fascination with Mars, 'colonial style' became the fad in architecture. Houses were designed to resemble the more utilitarian/functionality based modular designs on Mars

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