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2460: Breathe Free
SeriesTime Capsule
TypeSpectrum Dispatch
Source2460: Breathe Free
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Title Published
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2942. . . 2012-10-10

<translate> Earth is overcrowded.

Through expansion and terraforming, there are vast amounts of territory for humanity to move to but there is still an apprehension among the public. It wasn’t until RSI’s “The Air You Breathe” campaign that people began to trickle out into the universe, eager to start over on a new world.

Message Exchange between: Mark Carl - Willet & Ngo Advertising

Francois Kelsen - RSI, Corp

Re; Ad Campaign

Commercial flights leaving daily - RSI

MC: Hey Francois, legal has cleared the contract and the design team has signed the NDA’s so it looks like we’re in business.

FK: Outstanding. When can we start brainstorming?

MC: We’re at your disposal now. What sort of campaign were you thinking?

FK: Well, I don’t know. You tell me.

MC: Off the top of my head, I think we play up the feeling of opportunity. Earth will always be Earth but we’ve kinda blasted the resources here.

FK: Indeed.

MC: You go to a new planet. The air will be cleaner. I don’t know. I’m just spitballing here.

FK: Of course, I think there’s something there. Everything’s new. I mean when was the last time you sat in a field?

MC: A real one?

FK: See what I mean?

MC: So it’s the chance. The chance of rebirth. Of starting over. It’s about possibilities. The excitement of not knowing what to expect.

FK: But I don’t want it to sound like it’s savage. There is civilization and technology.

MC: Right. But there’s space. Room.

FK: Right. I want people to understand that they can have a new life. That’s what the universe is offering us. A chance to start again. We want to give them the opportunity to realize that chance. </translate>


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