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2872: Behold Sisyphus
SeriesTime Capsule
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Source2872: Behold Sisyphus
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Published: 3.5.2872


By. Peter Marx

We are on the threshold of progress. That was the mood this morning at the Senate when the Imperator made the announcement. The government finally unveiled Project Archangel, whispers of which have been drifting around the news circuits for weeks.

In short, Project Archangel is a UEE-led initiative to literally build a planet from scratch. Humanity has finally come up with a solution that avoids the complicated moral minefield of terraforming. No longer will we have to convert pre-existing planets. Now we can build them. Though the technology is not completed, scientists believe that they will be able to attempt building a prototype world within our lifetime.

The implications of this achievement have reverberated through science, politics, and even the social spheres. Xi’An Emperor Kray even issued a statement, “It is very encouraging. My people will watch the project’s development with great interest.”

If perfected, the Synthworld would help erase the shame humanity has had to carry after three centuries of unbridled imperialism. The Imperator finished his speech by inviting any and all scientists from the Banu or Xi’An civilizations to witness the development firsthand:

“We don’t want to keep this technology. The ability to build worlds should be free to any and all cultures so there will never be a need to fight over something as trivial as land ever again.”



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