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2920: The Money Pit
SeriesTime Capsule
TypeSpectrum Dispatch
Source2920: The Money Pit
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Title Published
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“Financial Jump-Point”

By. Kali Hanks

There is a space anomaly out there. It’s a jump-point of sorts that no pilot or ship will be able to navigate because it will only let money go into it and that money is never to be seen again. I’m talking, of course, about this Synthworld nonsense. It’s almost been fifty years since they announced Project Archangel and, frankly, what have we got?

To me, it seems like we’re no closer to synthesizing a world than we were back then when it was all wide-eyed promises and hope. The simple reality is that this attempt to build a Synthworld is coming at a cost to all the other worlds and we have a government who’s so desperate to make this work that they’re willing to let the military and infrastructure suffer to keep paying for it.

I get it, I do. They’re building this because of all the races wiped out during the terraforming era. It’s a great idea, sure, but enough is enough. I think fifty years of failure should be a good indicator that we need to move on.

Nope. Every year we get more assurances that the scientists are making “new advances” that should finally figure out how to stabilize the growth process but they never deliver because what do we have after all this time? A shifting unstable planetary mass.

We need to get someone in power who will have the courage to say Stop. Either someone needs to Croshaw the politics and pull the plug on this money-parasite or the rest of the systems are going to fall down with it. This may not be popular to say but I guarantee that people are thinking it; this was Earth’s big idea to make up for the terrible things that they did over the Messer Era. We in Terra have a clear conscience because our forefathers managed to distance themselves from the awfulness of that Age. If Earth wants this ridiculous project to clear their conscience fine but I don’t see why we have to go down with the ship.

Maybe it’s time for us to be on our own. </translate>


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