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Name Size Manufacturer Class Grade Performance UEC Cost
Absolute Zero M ACOM Competition B 43450
Arctic M AEGS Military C 240 59,073-61,242
ArcticStorm S LPLT Civilian C 100 24,481-61,242
Aufeis M WCPR Civilian A 38500
Avalanche M AEGS Military A
Berian S WCPR Civilian C 100 28,651
BlastChill S LPLT Civilian C 98 14,280-16,601
Blizzard L AEGS Military A 146250
Boreal M AEGS Military D
Bracer S AEGS Military C 120 26,156-32,938
Chill Max L JUST Industrial A 287250
Cold S VNCL Military
Cold Surge L LPLT Civilian B 98100
ColdSnap M LPLT Civilian C 200 49,848-50,403
CoolCore M JUST Industrial C 220 59,202-71,663
Cryo-Star S JSPN Civilian B
Cryo-Star EX M JSPN Civilian B
Cryo-Star SL V JSPN Civilian B
Cryo-Star XL L JSPN Civilian B
Draug L WCPR Civilian
EcoFlow S JUST Industrial B 41,600
Elsen L WCPR Civilian
Endo S WCPR Civilian B 103 45,635-48,050
FlashFreeze S LPLT Civilian B
Fridan V WCPR Civilian C 54 12,960-13,469
Frost Star XL L JSPN Civilian C 112250
Frost-Star S JSPN Civilian C 100 30,389-33,371
Frost-Star EX M JSPN Civilian C 200 61,645-71,205
Frost-Star SL V JSPN Civilian C 54 13,609-14,317
FrostBite L LPLT Civilian B
FrostBurn L LPLT Civilian C 300 159,588-177,216
FullFrost M LPLT Civilian B
Galinstan L AEGS Military D 118000
Gelid S WCPR Civilian A
Glacier S AEGS Military A
Graupel M WCPR Civilian C
Heat Sink M TYDT Stealth C 22850
HeatSafe S TYDT Stealth C 80 26,849
HydroJet M JUST Industrial D 215 44,400-45,580
Hydrocel S JUST Industrial D 108 22,310-24,590
Hydropulse L JUST Industrial D 156500
Ice Box M TYDT Stealth B 28650
Ice Dive M ACOM Competition C 42400
Ice-Flush L JUST Industrial B
IcePlunge S ACOM Competition C 120 32,193
Kelvid V WCPR Civilian B
Kragen L WCPR Civilian
Mercury (cooler) L AEGS Military C 360 288,008-298,294
NightFall M TYDT Stealth A 32600
Permafrost M AEGS Military B
Polar S AEGS Military B 125 39,341
QuickCool S ACOM Competition D 115 24,164-24,234
Rapid Cool M ACOM Competition D 42300
Serac C WCPR Civilian A
SnowBlind S TYDT Stealth A
Snowfall M JUST Industrial B
Snowpack M JUST Industrial A 82900
Taiga M WCPR Civilian B
Tempest L AEGS Military B
Tepilo V WCPR Civilian A
ThermalCore L JUST Industrial C 330 245,607-252,133
Thermax S JUST Industrial C 110 25,110-27,677
Tundra S AEGS Military D
Ultra-Flow S JUST Industrial A
VaporBlock S TYDT Stealth B 85 32,948-35,799
WhiteOut M LPLT Civilian D
Winter Star EX M JSPN Civilian D 37500
Winter Star SL V JSPN Civilian D 6300
Winter Star XL L JSPN Civilian D 105250
Winter-Star S JSPN Civilian D 98 19,375-22,380
ZeroRush S ACOM Competition B 34,250