Size 1 grade D civilian cooler manufactured by J-Span
J-Span - Winter-Star - Standing - Rotated Cropped.png
ManufacturerJ-Span (JSPN)
SizeSmall (1)
TypeCivilian (D)
UEC cost14,200−17,227 UEC

The J-Span Winter-Star is a Cooler, which can be equipped on a Size 1 Cooler mount.

Product description

Join the J-Span family by snagging the Winter-Star cooler from your ship. This entry-level model lacks flash but its strong performance record and price point make it a popular choice for pilots across the UEE.[1]

Standard on

Last updated with info from patch 3.7.[2]

Manufacturer Ship
Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha
Consolidated Outland Mustang Delta

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.9.1.

Location Store Price (UEC)
Area18 Dumper's Depot 14,200
GrimHEX Dumper's Depot 17,227
Levski Dumper's Depot 14,200



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