Size 2 grade C civilian cooler manufactured by Wen-Cassel Propulsion
ManufacturerWen-Cassel Propulsion (WCPR)
SizeMedium (2)
TypeCivilian (C)
UEC cost36,750 UEC

Product description

The Graupel not only provides the top of the line cooling technology that larger ships need to maintain optimal performance, it does it with Wen-Cassel's signature craftsmanship.[1]

Standard on

Last updated with info from patch 3.7.[2]

Manufacturer Ship

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.9.1.

Location Store Price (UEC)
R&R CRU-L4 Platinum Bay 36,750
R&R HUR-L2 Platinum Bay 36,750


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