Empire Health Services

Hospital in Area 18 in the Stanton system
Empire Health Services Entrance, Area18.jpg
Empire Health Services
LocationStanton system    In Area 18

Empire Health Services is a healthcare provider, currently operating as the main hospital in Area 18.

"Central Clinic Corporate Medical Facility
Officially opened in 2876, this building was originally a corporate health facility dedicated to ArcCorp employees. Known as the Central Clinic, this was the first medstation for Area18 to handle the health needs of ArcCorp employees and contractors that were working in the area. The original facility was designed by Frederik Gunsen and constructed by Tiasma Engineering. The official opening ceremony was on 2876-03-12 SET and was attended by Demond Cara, ArcCorp's VP of Human Resources, Dr. Philip Menser, Chief Physician, and actor Lana Court. Central Clinic operated until 2932, when it was renovated into an Empire Health Services medstation."
Plaque in ward lobby


Before the implementation of Area18's functional hospital in Alpha 3.16.0, it was branded as "Medical Unit."

"Medical Unit offers immediate, comprehensive and professional healthcare services to get you in your ship as fast as possible. Whether you`re suffering from shattered bones, an outerspace sickness or a chemical burn that requires face reconstruction, we can help you feel better faster with superior medical care. Medical Unit Urgent Care have several locations in UEE space at your convenience, always close to a public landing pad. Medical Unit has prominent premises in Area18 on ArcCorp."
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