Empiric Education

Education software manufacturer
Empiric Education
ProductsLearning devices and software
Manufacturer codeUnknown manufacturer
HeadquartersNew Babbage, microTech, Stanton
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth

Empiric Education is a manufacturer of a education software and currently a subsidiary of microTech. It's most famous software product is the Equivalency software.[1]


Empiric Education was already the mainstream education software producer. It was acquired by Magnus Tobin after he had developed in secret an upgraded and streamlined code for Empiric Education's main product, Equivalency. Beyond the surface-level improvements, he had also included additional background software meant to securely manage every detail of a student’s life to increase their productivity. His business partner, Aleena Tressler noticed that early adopters used these software features well beyond studying and saw the promise in it. She encouraged Magnus to develop it as standalone software, which would eventually evolve in the Glass software run in the mobiGlas and compatible devices.[1]


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