Eslin Macken

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Eslin Macken.png
Eslin Macken
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2945 (before)
Role Manager of Origin-1 Landing Zone
Faction People’s Alliance of Levski
Current Employment
Occupation Traffic Controller
Workplace Levski

Eslin Macken manages Levski's landing zone "ORIGIN-1". The Observist recommend that you use your mobiGlas to record the exact coordinates of your ship upon arrival, unless you like to watch Eslin blankly stare while trying to remember where your spacecraft is grounded. [1]


While Macken reportedly has a physical presence at Levski as of Alpha 3.0 as evidenced by comments from a PC Gamer magazine playtest prior to 3.0 hitting the PTU, no-one has managed to find him in or around Levski since. His only known presence as of 3.1.3 is via ship comms.< citation needed >