Eslin Macken

Air traffic controller at Levski
Eslin Macken looking at console 1.jpg
Eslin Macken
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2945 (before)
Role Manager of Origin-1 landing zone
Faction People's Alliance of Levski
Current Employment
Occupation Traffic controller
Workplace Levski

Eslin Macken is a flight controller and manages Levski's landing zone "ORIGIN-1".

In the game

Macken has a physical presence in the game. He sits in a room above the residential area, but the room itself isn't accessible under normal circumustances (only through glitching / wall clipping).[1]


  • As of Alpha 3.9.0, players requesting landing in Levski through comms are sometimes greeted with Macken's lower body. That is caused by a long-standing bug that causes NPC to stand on their chair instead of sit.[2]
  • The Observist recommend that you use your mobiGlas to record the exact coordinates of your ship upon arrival, unless you like to watch Eslin blankly stare while trying to remember where your spacecraft is grounded.[3]


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