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Settlement on Delamar in the Nyx system
TypeLanding zone
LocationOn Delamar
Founded2655 CE; 295 years ago (2655)

Levski is a so called free-town located in the former QV Planet Services mining facility on Delamar in the Nyx System. It is occupied by political radicals with anti-UEE affiliations.[1]


In 2655, a small group of activists sought to escape the totalitarianism of the Messers and found refuge in Delamar's vacated mining facility. The remote location seemed an ideal stronghold in which to start again. They named the facility Levski in honor of the ancient Earth revolutionary Vasil Levski who shared their dream of an egalitarian society.

As word of this 'free town' spread, many anti-Messer activists, intellectuals and pacifists found their way to Levski. They aspired to create an idyllic, leaderless society built around mutual responsibility. Unfortunately, the newly dubbed People's Alliance engaged in an endless debate over how to achieve their goals.[2]

The first thing one sees upon entering Levski is the imposing statue to honor Anthony Tanaka, a child laborer who died under the rule of the Messers. The statue is an enduring symbol of the People's Alliance of Levski's revolutionary spirit.

Significant Characters



Commodity Buy Sell
Altruciatoxin 50.85
Aluminium 1.11
Agricium 25.6
Agricultural Supplies 1.02
Astatine 8.26
Beryl 4.35
Chlorine 1.55
Corundum 2.54
Diamond 7.33
Distilled Spirits 4.95
Fluorine 2.8
Gold 6.08
Hydrogen 0.9
Iodine 0.38
Laranite 29.55
Medical Supplies 18
Processed Food 1.38
Quartz 1.3
Scrap 1.81
Stims 3.4
Titanium 8.9
Tungsten 3.91
Waste 0.01 0.005
WiDoW 124.04



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