Eugene Morrow

Character in Star Citizen
Eugene Morrow 2016.PNG
Eugene Morrow
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2946 (before)
Actor Stephen Bisland
Job Title Chief Engineer
Workplace UEES Stanton
Military Service
Rank ?
Branch UEE Navy
Years of Service 2946 (before) - Present

Eugene Morrow is the Chief Engineer of the UEES Stanton in 2946. He appears in Squadron 42.[1] He is portrayed by Stephen Bisland.[2][3]

Morrow really takes a liking to the Player upon first meeting them in The Morrow Tour,[4] however it has been said that this may not last given the dynamic nature of Squadron 42's story. He loves to spread gossip and manages to inform the player of private circumstances relating to at least 3 people in the space of a few minutes.[citation needed]

He also makes an appearance in the Vertical Slice, informing the player about various things they look at in Engineering.[citation needed]



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