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Name Role Callsign Race Rank Branch Unit Faction Actor
Aria Reilly Captain, UEES Caspian Human Captain UEE Navy UEE 2nd Fleet UEE
Cara Webster Crew of UEES Stanton Human Petty Officer / Lieutenant UEE Navy Sophie Wu
Cedric Cochran Admiral, Member of UEE's High-Command Human Admiral UEE Navy UEE
Connie Hayes Human Starman UEE Navy Elsie Bennett
Corath'Thal Tevarin Warlord Tevarin Warlord Tevarin Fleet
Danny Solomon Police Patroller Human Captain UEE
Demian Ward Lieutenant (retired) Human Lieutenant UEEN UEE
Ernst Bishop Admiral, UEE 2nd Fleet Human Admiral UEE Navy UEE 2nd Fleet UEE Gary Oldman
Eugene Morrow Human ? UEE Navy Stephen Bisland
Galen Whishaw Vice Admiral, Research & Development Division Human Vice Admiral UEE Navy Research & Development Division UEE
Hester Polaris Historical Figure - CMDR Hester Polaris, namesake of the Polaris Human Commander UPE Navy UPE
Ivar Messer First Imperator of the UEE Human High-General UEE Army UEE
Joaquim Steiger Human Starman UEE Navy Malachi Kirby
Kamur Dalion Historical Figure, Pilot, Battle of Idris IV Human Captain UEE Navy UEE
Lana Stark General UEE Army at Oso II Human General UEE
Lev Cronenberg Patron & Co-Owner of G-Loc Bar Human Unknown Unknown
Michael Callum BlacJac Security Rep Human Lieutennant BlacJac Security
Noah White Captain, UEES Stanton Human Captain UEE Navy Liam Cunningham
Payday Ace Pilot Vanduul Clan Prime Vanduul
Player characters Playable Character Human Dynamic UEE Navy (Squadron 42) UEE (Squadron 42)
Various (Persistent Universe)
Ian Duncan (Male)
Unknown (Female)
Rachel MacLaren Captain, UEES Gauntlet Human Captain 5th Fleet UEE Gillian Anderson
Sam Doherty Retired Captain Human Captain UEE
Sophia Kelly Human Lt. Commander UEE Navy Rhona Mitra
Steve Colton Steve "Old Man" Colton, Lt Cdr SQ42 Baron 1 Human Lieutenant Commander UEE Navy 5th Fleet, 87th Battle Group UEE Mark Hamill
Suj Kossi First Tevarin Senator (U-Elysium IV-Elysium Sys) Tevarin ? UEE
Thomas Wade Captain, UEES Krugeri Human Captain 2nd Fleet UEE Mark Strong
Tyler Ford Human Petty Officer UEE Navy Jennifer Marshall
Woodrow Tannen Human Starman UEE Navy Peter Silverleaf