Extermination Job

Mercenary mission
Extermination Job
Priority Personal
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 28000
Start Location microTech AO

The mission Extermination Job tasks players with clearing MT Protection Services from an underground facility. Turrets above ground will fire at your ship, but these can be avoided by parking behind an obstacle as they will not fire at you when you are on-foot. Inside the bunker you will have to defeat seven enemies in FPS, each equipped with a Custodian SMG and either medium or heavy armor. The mission Remove Illegal Occupants is essentially this scenario in reverse.


Spoiler content

"You ever been to (Location)?

The smug hatjobs holed up there are a constant pain in the ass and have been for far too long.

Enough's enough. Go there and take care of them and we'll make sure that it's more than worth the trouble.

And be thorough. I want you to get every single one of those bastards."

Spoiler content

"We need (Location) to become a ghost town. Not a single soul left breathing. Think you might be the right person to make that happen."

Possible Targets

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