Remove Illegal Occupants

Mercenary mission from MT Protection Services
Remove Illegal occupants MT.png
Remove Illegal Occupants
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 14000
Start Location microTech AO
Faction MT Protection Services

The mission Remove Illegal Occupants tasks players with clearing outlaw scavengers from an underground facility. Turrets above ground will fire at your ship, but these can be avoided by parking behind an obstacle as they will not fire at you when you are on-foot. Inside the bunker you will have to defeat seven enemies in FPS, equipped with a variety of armor and automatic weapons. The mission Extermination Job is essentially this scenario in reverse.


Spoiler content


  • 2 years of combined mercenary and security experience.
  • Access to combat equipment and mode of transport.
  • Available for immediate deployment.


  • Experience with rapid hostility de-escalation techniques.

ABOUT THE JOB microTech Protection Services is looking for a detail-oriented mercenary professional who can quickly and safely assist us in the complete removal of illegal occupants who have temporarily gained control of (Location).


  • Provide own transportation to (Location).
  • Remove all illegal occupants found within the site; using force as necessary."

Possible Targets

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