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MT Protection Services

Human company in the private security services industry
MT Protection Services.png
MT Protection Services
IndustryPrivate security services
HeadquartersNew Babbage, microTech, Stanton
Area servedmicroTech

MT Protection Services is microTech' private security force responsible for maintaining law, order, and adherence to company policy in and around microTech (Stanton IV).[1]


MT Protection Services enforces the laws in this jurisdiction, which applies within microTech's gravitational sphere of influence and includes its three moons Calliope, Clio, and Euterpe.

Just like UEE Military and Advocacy agents, local security personnel can require you to submit to identification scans to establish your identity, conduct searches of your person and vessel, and detain you with due cause. Always obey the directives of authorized security personnel.


Mission Givers


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