Fabis Capaldi

Character in Star Citizen
Fabis Capaldi
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2769 CE; 185 years ago (2769)
Died 2834 CE; 120 years ago (2834)
Role 2792 Terra-Net sim-racing champion
Citizenship Status Terra

Fabis Capaldi is best known for being crowned the 2792 Terra-Net sim-racing champion. Capaldi was born with Rauk's Syndrome, a rare form of autism which is believed to be associated with a specia of Terra's native flora. This forced Capaldi to receive round-the-clock care in order to perform the most basic tasks. While he suffered with mundane tasks, Capaldi was a savant in mathematics and geometry.[1]

Capaldi had a love for simulations, and on his twenty-third birthday raced in the 2792 Terra-Net sim-race. Capaldi would win the race and be crowned champion.[1] This would lead Capaldi down a path of eventually racing in the Murray Cup in 2798.[2]

While his condition prohibited him from legally operating even a basic ground vehicle, the media frenzy surrounding his win in 2792 would lead to Capaldi being given the green-light by the Racing Safety Commission allowing him to take place in the Murray Cup.[1]

Capaldi would only ever be allowed to participate in this one race. He would, however, win the 2798 race by 30 seconds, something previously thought impossible, in a ship that was deemed "mediocre" at best by critics. The very next year, the Murray Racing Board would introduce a rule forbidding anyone not in possession of a full pilot's license from competing, ending Capaldi's career.[1]

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