Finley the Stormwal

Mascot of Crusader Industries
Finley The Stormwal Large Plushy.png
Finley the Stormwal
Mascot ofCrusader Industries
ProductsBath floats, plushies, mugs

Finley the Stormwal is, along his partner Francis, the official mascot of Crusader Industries. It is a stormwal that loves sailing through the clouds in Crusader's atmosphere. It has several merchandises such as a bath float, a plushy, and a mug.[1]

"Finley the Stormwal loves sailing through the clouds in Crusader's atmosphere. Much like Crusader's ships, Finley is big, graceful, and quite the sight to behold. Now this majestic blue stormwal can accompany you on a journey through the stars with this soft and squeezable plushy."


Image Name Description
Finley The Stormwal Large Plushy.png
(Default) Large plushie coloured in light blue with purple details
Finley the Stormwal Luminalia Plushie Large plushie colored in dark red with green details. Was given for free to backers during the 2952 Luminalia Festival[3]

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