UEE holiday celebrated by Humans and Banu often involving gift giving
Event typeBanu holiday & United Empire of Earth holiday
OrganizerBanu & Humans
LocationBanu Protectorate & United Empire of Earth
Date startDecember 22, Anually (Anually-12-22)
Date endDecember 24, Anually (Anually-12-24)

Luminalia is a holiday celebrated by both Banu and Humans annually on December 22. It originated as the irregularly-held Banu festival tsikti efanga ( Banu: tsikti efanga(tsikti efanga); literally Glow Festival; ), marked by the lighting of ceremonial lamps that stay lit until their fuel is consumed (about 34,000 beats / 2 Standard Earth Days). While the lamps are burning, all Banu, no matter where they are, are considered one Souli. They invite friends, business associates, and passing strangers into their Soulis and give them gifts so they will always have something to sell. All attendees are expected to provide food, drinks, and/or party favors in return, and if they can’t, the host will often have those items available for sale.

A typical Luminalia gift box which can be found in hidden locations around the 'verse during the holiday.

Humans in the Davien system began to participate in the festival with Banu shortly after the Banu-Human Interstellar Peace and Trade Accord in 2438, when a ship repair Souli on Cestulus lit their lamps and invited Humans to come and celebrate with them. It spread from system to system as Humans in commercial workshops or trading ships used the festival to boost sales. Private events for family, friends, and extended families inspired by these profitable galas became common enough that the United Empire of Earth (UEE) officially recognized Luminalia as a holiday in 2557. Banu began to light their lamps alongside Humans as a symbol of friendship and a way to enjoy an increase in business. As the holiday grew in popularity, Human merchants modified the traditional gift sharing by hiding empty gift-wrapped packages that could be returned unopened in exchange for a surprise like a few credits or a small toy. The increased foot traffic into their stores increased holiday sales and became a tradition in its own right. Today, Banu and Humans commemorate Luminalia with gift-exchanges, present hunts, glowing lights, gatherings of family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances, food and drink, limited-time discounts, and decorations in green and red.[1]

Commemorative items

Luminalia clearly has similarities with real life Christmas, and in the community, this typically means that CIG will start the event with a countdown calendar to similar to "Twelve days of Christmas" and advents calendars. The Days of Gifts count down to December the 22nd, Backers who visit the comm-link page daily will be able to claim a different gift on each day.


Day Item
Day 1 Good Gift Sweater
Day 2 Luminalia 2951 Spectrum badge
Day 3 Valkyrie desktop wallpaper
Day 4 Mustang IceBreak paint
Day 5 Caterpillar Deck the Hull Paint
Day 6 Sneak peek image of an upcoming Gravlev vehicle
Day 7 Aurora IceBreak paint
Day 8 Luminalia Banu Spectrum badge
Day 9 Railen wallpaper
Day 10 Enjakte Knife
Day 11 Caterpillar IceBreak paint
Day 12 TBD


Day Item
Day 1 Spectrum badge
Day 2 Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner and Esperia Talon wallpapers
Day 3 Jump Point - Special Edition
Day 4 Pico the Penguin in-game plushie
Day 5 Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner concept wallpaper featuring Pico the Penguin

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