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Model designation of UEEN vessels

A Flight is a model of ships of the same class that are ordered or commissioned by the United Empire of Earth Navy. They are numbered sequentially, so the first ships of a class will be Flight I while the subsequent revision will be Flight II. Different Flights are intended to improve upon the shortcomings of earlier ships, and often share a singular naming convention between ships. When only a small change is necessary, sub-flights can be designated by a letter, as with the Flight IIA Hammerhead.

Hammerhead Flights

At least four flights of Hammerheads have been commissioned. The list below details notable member and any documented differences, but does not represent an exhaustive list of ships nor features.[1]

Hammerhead Flight I

Flight I Hammerheads are all named for sea life found on Earth. Ships marked with an asterisk comprise the first six ships produced:[1]

Hammerhead Flight II & IIA

Flight II Hammerheads, launched in 2817, replaced a radar emplacement with an additional turret and redesigned the internal deck layout following feedback from starmen. In response to an accident involving the UEES Tiburo, Flight II Hammerheads featured major sensor changes from its predecessor. The ships were discovered to have a blind spot, corrected in the Flight IIA mode in 2854. Flight II & IIA Hammerheads were named after recently deceased Senators.[1]

Hammerhead Flight III

Flight III Hammerheads replaced all preceding models by 2915. They represented an overall upgrade to modern command and control surfaces. While now obsolete, Flight III Hammerheads still represent approximately 15% of the Navy inventory, principally in reserve and homeland defence roles. Flight III Hammerheads were named for mountains.[1]

Hammerhead Flight IV

The Flight IV Hammerhead is the modern variant of the class, featuring additional remove turrets, and increased modularity. Flight IV Hammerheads are mostly named for water deities.[1]

Javelin Flights

There have been three Javelin Flights, detailed below.[2]

Flight Start of Production End of Production Retirement Details
Flight 1 2690 2790 Began 2810, complete by 2840 The original model designed by Aegis Dynamics. Role-reassignment refits of this model would take several days in a shipyard.
Flight 2 2790 2820 Began 2915 A redesign that largely bypassed Aegis, focussing on interior improvements. This revision improved modularity, allowing rapid refits in the field.
Flight 3 2820 Present Earliest models being retired currently Focused on defenses, reworking the shield system, and introducing point defense guns and sensors to increase anti-fighter coverage. As a result, the Javelin gained another major role, serving as part of a multi-ship bomber screen for larger fleet movements.

Idris Flights

The six Flight I Idris models commissioned between 2551 and 2552 had significant problems with fires and firefighting, leading a significant accident aboard the UEEN Ashton. This led to the development of the Flight II Idris.[3]


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