Player consumable items to restore hunger

A food is a consumable item used to restore the player's hunger.

NameNutritional Density RatingHydration Efficacy IndexEffectOccupancyManufacturer
Agrodolce Delight Kacho30  0.76 KµSCU7.6e-4 SCU <br />760 µSCU <br />Terra Mills
Avocado and Corn Sandwich41  0.22 KµSCU2.2e-4 SCU <br />220 µSCU <br />Twyn's Sandwiches
Bacon Club Sandwich41  0.22 KµSCU2.2e-4 SCU <br />220 µSCU <br />Twyn's Sandwiches
Bo-Go (Angeli Original)30  0.3 KµSCU3.0e-4 SCU <br />300 µSCU <br /> 
Bo-Go (Crawdad)30  0.3 KµSCU3.0e-4 SCU <br />300 µSCU <br /> 
Bo-Go (Hot and Sweet)30  0.3 KµSCU3.0e-4 SCU <br />300 µSCU <br /> 
Bo-Go (Langoustine and Lamb)30  0.3 KµSCU3.0e-4 SCU <br />300 µSCU <br /> 
Bologna Sandwich41  0.22 KµSCU2.2e-4 SCU <br />220 µSCU <br />Twyn's Sandwiches
Boumbo Stew Omni Pack56 Hypo-metabolic, Hypertrophic0.9 KµSCU9.0e-4 SCU <br />900 µSCU <br /> 
Breakfast Dog34 Hyper-metabolic, Dehydrating0.78 KµSCU7.8e-4 SCU <br />780 µSCU <br /> 
Buster's Chocolate Bar10 Energizing, Hyper-metabolic0.19 KµSCU1.9e-4 SCU <br />190 µSCU <br />Terra Mills
Cal-O-Meal "Chocolate Deluxe" Protein Bar20 Hypertrophic0.19 KµSCU1.9e-4 SCU <br />190 µSCU <br /> 
Cal-O-Meal "Lunes" Protein Bar20 Hypertrophic0.19 KµSCU1.9e-4 SCU <br />190 µSCU <br /> 
Cal-O-Meal "Vanilla" Protein Bar20 Hypertrophic0.19 KµSCU1.9e-4 SCU <br />190 µSCU <br /> 
Captain's Mix Sandwich38  0.22 KµSCU2.2e-4 SCU <br />220 µSCU <br /> 
Carafi Cube10 Hyper-metabolic0.22 KµSCU2.2e-4 SCU <br />220 µSCU <br /> 
Carafi Noodles35 Fatiguing, Hyper-metabolic0.9 KµSCU9.0e-4 SCU <br />900 µSCU <br /> 
Carnita-ritas Burrito38 Dehydrating0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br /> 
Cheddar Ham Burrito38 Dehydrating0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br /> 
Cheese and Tomato Pizza (Slice)22 Hyper-metabolic, Dehydrating0.34 KµSCU3.4e-4 SCU <br />340 µSCU <br /> 
Chicken Pesto Omni Pack56 Hypo-metabolic, Hypertrophic0.9 KµSCU9.0e-4 SCU <br />900 µSCU <br /> 

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