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Twyn's Sandwiches

Sandwiches restaurant franchise
Twynssandwiches logo.png
Twyn's Sandwiches
IndustryFast food
ParentPrasad Naturals

Twyn's Sandwiches is a restaurant franchise specializing in sandwiches that belongs to Prasad Naturals


The store in New Babbage, MicroTech has the following items available.

Name Price (aUEC) NDR HEI Effects Flavors
Sandwich 8 41 - None Godmother, Avocado and Corn, Bacon Club, Bologna, Turkey, Pork Katsu, Merquez
Synergy 5 06 48 Energizing, Hydrating Synergy, Synergy+, SynergySport
Vestal Water 3 - 44 Hydrating -



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