Force For Good

Mercenary mission from Ex Malo Bonum
Force For Good
Priority Personal
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 28000
Start Location Hurston AO
Faction Ex Malo Bonum

The mission Force For Good tasks players with clearing Hurston Security from a Hurston Dynamics underground facility. Turrets above ground will fire at your ship, but these can be avoided by parking behind an obstacle as they will not fire at you when you are on-foot. Inside the bunker you will have to defeat six enemies in FPS, each equipped with a Gallant Rifle and medium or heavy armor. The mission Evict Illegal Occupants is essentially this scenario in reverse, clearing an outpost of outlaw squatters.


  • Force For Good
  • Time For Action
  • Righteous Raid


Spoiler content

"If you found this, it's probably safe to say that you have an axe to grind with Hurston. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of waiting for things to magically get better. What we need are bold actions to show Hurston that the status quo must go.

That's why I dug up some info about (Location) on Hurston. It's where corporate thugs hang out and plan their attacks on the people of Hurston. Clearing that location would send a bold message to Corporate that we're willing to fight fire with fire. You interested?

It'll be dangerous, but you'll be paid well. I'm not gonna lie, this will get bloody, but that's what we have to do to secure our future.

    • Ex Malo Bonum **"

Possible Targets

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