Gallant Rifle

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Gallant Rifle
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Gallant Rifle

The Gallant Rifle, produced by Klaus & Werner, is a selective-fire assault rifle that utilizes laser technology. With an effective range of 50 meters, it can be fired in three and five burst modes. Klaus & Werner prides itself on creating reliable assault weapons that stand the test of time, and the Gallant is no exception. This energy-based rifle is designed to deliver precise and sustained fire at medium-range targets. Additionally, its high-capacity power system enables operators to fire a greater number of shots per battery, making it a valuable asset in combat situations.[1]

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The Gallant Rifle was formerly known as the ATT-4 Energy Rifle and introduced in Alpha 2.2.0,[2] with the following description:

Despite all the advances in weapon technology, there will always be a place for a dependable assault weapon. Klaus & Werner maintains that proud tradition by unveiling the ATT-4. This selective fire energy-based assault rifle is capable of providing accurate and sustained fire for up to medium range. Perhaps the greatest asset of the ATT-4 is the high capacity battery system, allowing operators to fire considerably more.

It was then renamed to the Gallant Rifle with the rework in Alpha 3.0.0.[3][4]

During Alpha 3.17.0 it was changed from an Auto/Burst(5) rifle to a Burst(3)/Burst(5) rifle.[5]

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