Gammon Messer

Character in Star Citizen
Gammon Messer
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2629
Died 2662
Role Designated Heir
Faction UEE
Branch UEE Army
Years of Service 2647 - 2662
Party Messer Regime

Gammon Messer was the designated heir of the Empire from 2643 until his death in 2662 and son of Imperator Corsen Messer V.


Gammon was raised with his sister Illyana on Earth. Until the unexpected death of heir Marius Messer, he had spent 'his youth pursuing hobbies' and he was possibly 'indulged heavily in vice.' He was forced into military service in 2647.[1]

At this time, he was known for his many visits to the political prisons on Charon III alongside his father Corsen. He is even said to have worsened the prisoner conditions further and 'devised particularly violent forms of information extraction.'[2]


Gammon Messer and his father were poisoned by his sister Illyana Messer in 2662.


Gammon married Colonel Yemi Duas in New York, Earth.

They had one child:


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